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From centuries-old Italian favorites to new and experimental American varieties.



The Sorana bean is a small white Cannellini-type bean originally from the Tuscan city of Sorana with thin skin and incredibly meaty, beloved flavor.  Marcella Hazan called the Sorana “the most precious bean in Italy,” and Slow Food has included it in their Ark of Taste.  Following Tuscan tradition, these beans are raised on sandy river bottom soil, at 2000 feet elevation, and meticulously trellised 8 feet high.  We offer both fresh when they are in-season for no-soak quick cooking, and dried from November….until they run out.

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A French variety known for its pale green color and firm texture when cooked, Flageolets are classically served with lamb or in long-cooked cassoulet-type dishes, but we love a simple plate with roasted tomato and garlic.

flageolet beans.JPG
anelino beans_IMG_84C19B44508A-1.JPEG

Anellino Bean

Both green and yellow pole beans from Italy with classic Roma flavor, the Anellino is curved, almost circular, making for an unusual dinner table presentation, and their firm texture when cooked favors an outstanding refrigerator pickle.  Introduced to us by Chef Mateo Bergamini.

Haricot Verts

The favorite French green bean preferred by chefs for a more tender, sophisticated flavor, picked while the bean is still young and thin.

haricots verts_IMG_65AE3E588678-1.JPEG


When grown in rich soils with foliar feeding, they are so sweet that even children enjoy eating their peas.


Lincoln Shell Peas

Introduced just after the end of WWII, the Lincoln pea is a sweet, tender, full-flavor English shell pea perfect for eating fresh or freezing.

lincoln shell peas_IMG_BB4C7AFB0998-1.JP

Petit Pois

The tiniest and most precious of our pea army, but perhaps the most delicate and beloved. Perfectly green and delicious.


As a young breeder with a PHD in plant virology and a keen curiosity that led him to cross a rogue garden pea with a snow pea, Calvin Lamborn created the seed for what we now know and love as the Snap Pea. 


Since then, Calvin's Peas have earned prestigious honors and awards in the trade as well as acclaim from top chefs in the country.  Calvin's techniques are traditional (non-GMO) plant breeding. And seeds like his are the sparks that have ignited the farmers market and farm to table restaurant movements.

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Sugar Snaps

Developed in the 1970s by one of our farm influences, Dr. Calvin Lamborn, the sugar snap pea is now a classic found in kitchens everywhere.  We offer green and yellow sugar snaps, both original Lamborn varieties.

Learn more from this doc "In Search of the Perfect Pea" > 

Juvenile Snow Peas

These flat snow peas, in purple, yellow, and mottled, are best for salads and other raw preparations.



These intensely sweet, oversized snow peas developed by Dr. Lamborn are the farm favorite, with unbeatable green spring flavor.  These never last long at our Union Square farmstand--the early bird gets the 52s.

In search of

the perfect pea

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