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Dr. Carey Reams

Trained in mathematics and biophysics, Reams made many discoveries in the fields of human health, plant growth and soil restoration, and brings to us our concept of “mineralized produce.” 


In 1978, under Reams’ guidance, Rick began working to grow “mineralized” grains throughout the Midwest. They worked closely together for the next 5 years, when, in Reams’ retirement, they expanded their work to bring nutritious calcium-rich food to the communities of inner-city Baltimore.  Reams understood that nutrition begins foremost in the soil, and said “Good farmers are the best doctors in the world, and a farmer who grows food to sell and not to eat is a thief.”

David Bouley

Bouley, opened in 1987, quickly became a most notable dining experience in NYC and set a new standard for fine dining in America.  An early champion of market-sourced ingredients, Chef David Bouley brought our produce into his restaurant from the beginning. 


Chef David expanded the reach of our farm in his kitchen where chefs like Eric Ripert and Kurt Guttenbrenner were working magic with what we had grown. It was a pivotal moment for our farm when he brought legendary chef Joel Robuchon himself to visit our fields in Roscoe, NY.


Dr. Gene Galletta

One of North America’s most well-known Strawberry breeders, geneticist Gene Galetta’s TriStar has been our flagship berry for more than 30 years, and gives our farm the ‘berry’ in its name.  His obsessive spirit and unrelenting commitment to flavor--before size, ease of shipping, and yield--has guided our farm’s philosophy since the beginning. 


Dr. Galetta said: “I’m going to breed a strawberry that is so delicious, that when you bite into it, you’ll be glad you are alive.”

Cesare Casella

For over 35 years, Cesare Casella has been committed to helping people understand that Italian cuisine is defined by its simple ingredients, just as Italian culture is defined by its regions and history.  Cesare asked us -- demanded, maybe -- that we grow three of his favorites: the Sorana bean, the Canestrino tomato, and our beloved Wild Italian Arugula.  His dedication to and passion for preserving varietals that celebrate taste, locality, and soils, remains an inspiration to us today.

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