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Perhaps no other food brings as much comfort as it does mineral rich flavor and nutrients as the potato.


German Butterball

Perhaps our most versatile potato, the Butterball is a sweet, yellow-fleshed, buttery-flavored potato that works well in almost every dish: mashed, roasted, fried, and baked.  Butterballs are the flavor standard for gold potatoes across the board, and in 2019, won Bon Appétit’s taste test hands down.

La Ratte

This French fingerling is a semi-starchy, medium-sized yellow potato that is the favorite of chefs and market shoppers.  With thin, tan skin, and a rich, nutty flavor, the La Rattes are known for their ability to shine in dishes with many components.

potato_ruby crescent_IMG_0129.jpg

Ruby Crescent

A larger-sized, waxy, fingerling variety with rose-colored skin and yellow flesh, the Ruby Crescent is our go-to for when you want the potato to hold its shape: in potato salad, in a vegetable soup, or with delicate fish.  Also the sleeper hit of our farm-made potato chips.

Purple Peruvian

This through-and-through purple variety is a true South American original.  Deeply earthy with dark, dense flesh reminiscent of potato skin flavor, Purple Peruvians are unusually high in antioxidants.



Our favorite white potato, the Kennebec is known for its firm, starchy flesh with minimal water content, making it the ideal potato for french fries and potato chips.


This pinkish-red, low-starch potato retains its sophisticated color when cooked.  The Roseval was developed in France in the 1950s and while common in grocery stores across Europe, it is considered a specialty potato in the United States.


Bon Appetit:

Making Perfect Mashed Potatoes

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