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Our pride and our obsession, the bright red star of our cold Catskills nights, the preeminent champion of our search for sweetness: The Strawberry.



Developed by Dr. Gene Galletta in the early 1980s, the TriStar strawberry is our flagship crop, and gives our farm the “berry” in its name.  Developed with intensity of flavor in mind, from conventional New Jersey and California varietals and a wild berry discovered in a Utah mountain range, the day-neutral TriStar is well-known to be the most complex, dense, vivid strawberry on the market, producing fruit from June into October: The star of three seasons.

Milk Bar's Chef Christina Tossi and the TriStar Strawberry >

Mara des Bois

A French berry released in 1991, the Maras are exceptionally aromatic, with a bright, glossy surface and intoxicating berry flavor.

strawberries_mara des bois.jpg

The history of

the tristar Strawberry

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