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Wild, seasonal, and always sustainably harvested.

Foraged : Ramps


Perhaps nothing says the return of spring after a harsh winter like the sweet garlic flavor of the Northeast’s undisputed favorite allium: Ramps.  Sometimes called wild leeks, the ramp’s flavor is stronger than a leek, and more pungent than a scallion.  Endlessly versatile, our ramps are found in dozens of restaurant kitchens and on dinner tables across the city.  At Mountain Sweet Berry, we follow strict, sustainable harvest practices only in areas deemed suitable for foraging.

Lessons on foraging ramps sustainably >


This crunchy, spicy, wild green is great in salads, while retaining its peppery bite after cooking, and with heat that increases as the season progresses.

"As fresh as the gurgling spring," - NY Times


Stinging Nettles

An herby, nutritious spring cooking green with a spinach/cucumber-like flavor, high in plant-based protein.  Nettles are popular in pestos, with polenta, and as a spring soup across Northern Europe, while dried nettles make for a popular herbal tea.

Wild Blueberries

Small and densely flavored, wild blueberries prefer the dark glacial soil found throughout the Northeast, and pack a super blueberry punch of taste and antioxidant power.  Our foraged berries make an ideal pancake breakfast, or a decadent jam.

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