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The delicious unsung heroes of our farm: greens, in all their herbaceous glory.


Sucrine Lettuce

A dense, sweet lettuce with a fresh, clean crunch-- think of a more lettuce-y flavored baby Romaine.  The Sucrine has a solid center with delicate butterhead-type leaves, grown in both bright green and slightly more bitter red/purple variety.


This heirloom Italian cutting broccoli is known for its supreme silky texture and deep green flavor.  Thought to be the parent of the better-known broccoli rabe, the Spigarello is a hearty cooking green that gets even more delicious into the fall after a light frost.

Farm visit - Spigarello leaf.JPG

Photo: Kate Galassi


“Wild” Arugula

Our infamous small leaf Italian arugula is cultivated on our farm from heirloom seeds.  It has an intense nutty flavor with much more bite than any typical arugula on the market.


The cold nights of the lower Catskills are ideal for growing broccolini, which thrives in the cool summer temperatures, allowing our season to stretch into the warmer months.


Dan’s Chicory

This Italian semi-bitter variety of chicory is favorited by Loring Place chef Dan Kluger, who requested we grow a spring/summer chicory that he could feature in a salad while then at ABC Kitchen--and now it bears his name.

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